Hi, there!

I'm a recent graduate from UC Berkeley's School of Information and a Professional Electrical Engineer. At the School of Information, I have taken classes involving information law and policy, information architecture, interaction design, web technologies and development, computer mediated communication systems and database design and management. My main interests are design in the digital and physical world as well as where they intersect. I am developing skills in prototyping, user research, web development and interaction design.

I have a handful of hobbies that continually remind me of how things are connected back to fundamental principles of design. I enjoy woodworking and general craftwork (and kraftwerk!). I am best described as handy, crafty, curious, imaginative and silly. I love learning and will never stop! Whatever I find myself doing, I am happiest working with others to solve problems that contribute positively to the world. Let's work together!


Email: derek@ischool.berkeley.edu